Meebome in Gaim

Sometimes time flies. Without actually being aware of it, it turns out I have been experimenting with Meebome for half a month already. To be honest, the main experimenting was done between November and February, probably. These past months I usually did not bother to log in. With little visitors to the site there does not seem to be much of a point. Even more important, I don't usually notice when someone tries to chat. The meebome tab in Firefox will flash, but that is not intrusive enough to notice.

I use Gaim for my other IM and IRC accounts, so using the meebome widget in Gaim would be great. It turns out this is actually possible. A wiki post explains how. There is a problem though, as mentioned in a meebo forum: every time someone opens a chat, I have to add them to my buddy list. That won't really be a problem though, considering the limited number of chat requests I receive on a daily basis (an average of 0.01).


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